Welcome to our online catalog.

The year 2021 is our thirty-first year in business.

Some of the merchandise you see in our catalog is imported by us. The majority is made in the USA by us and all merchandise containing terry is manufactured by us here in the Chicago area.

From the beginning our policy was to sell only to distributors and retailers, and never to the public. We sell only to legitimately licensed resellers.

Our endeavor: to make available for ice skaters and hockey players quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

If you see items in our catalog that are not available at your favorite pro shop, we encourage you to print it out, show it to the manager, and have them order it for you. If that doesn’t work, please send us an email and ask for the pro shop nearest you where you ┬ámay be able to get the items. It’s that easy.

We encourage all pro shops interested in our merchandise to contact us and see if they qualify to become resellers of the Images on Ice line of quality merchandise.

Happy skating to all!